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Our Services

RCM Health Information Services is your partner in Health Information Management for both today and into the future. We believe in building key partnerships and strong working relationships with our clients by anticipating their needs and addressing in a cost effective manner underscored by a commitment to service and excellence.

Our highly effective team strives to find solutions to help efficiently manage our client’s HIM needs.At RCM our clients can count on us being their Health Information Management partner.

RCM continues to be a leader in the industry because of our in-depth screening, interviewing and coder testing programs.

It is our goal to provide healthcare organizations with the best professionals that are experienced with the accuracy demands of medical coding and RCM specializes in the recruitment and staffing of the following HIM and medical coding professionals:


  • Inpatient Coders (Medicare, Non-Medicare, CMS DRG & APR-DRG)
  • Nursing home and long-term care setting
  • Inpatient or Outpatient Rehabilitation setting
  • Outpatient Surgery
  • Emergency Services (with or without E&M assignment)
  • City, Federal or State Government Agencies (CMS, NCHS, State Medicaid Departments)
  • Public Sector facilities (Department of Veterans' Affairs, Department of Defense)
  • Emergency Services (with or without E&M assignment)
  • Inpatient or Outpatient Psychiatric setting
  • Home Health Agencies
  • Physician Practices (All Specialties)
  • Office or Clinic setting
  • Outpatient or Inpatient professional services
  • Urgent Care Centers
  • Freestanding Radiology Centers Freestanding laboratories
  • Professional Organizations (AHIMA, CPC, AHA, AMA)
  • Insurance Companies
  • Durable Medical Equipment Companies


RCM offers a remote coding solution for facilities 365 days per year to health care facilities nationwide to assist with staffing shortages, backlogs or vacations. Over a secure HIPAA compliant encrypted network, RCM’s teams of highly trained coders provide our clients a secure off-site solution. Performed by a nationwide network of experienced and dedicated coding professionals, RCM ensures the highest quality with comprehensive supervision and internal quality assurance programs. Our extensive remote program allows us to code any type of medical record including inpatient discharges, observation services, emergency department services, outpatient/ancillary services and same day surgery.

Remote Coding Benefits:

  • Secure entrance into your facility’s EMR system
  • Interface with coding software systems or scanning of paper records
  • Real time coding results
  • Reduced travel expenses
  • Quick scheduling
  • Ease of reporting
  • Flexibility and Reliability


With the transition to ICD-10-CM/PCS fast approaching, RCM Health Information Management is right choice to make sure that your department is completely prepared for successful implementation by October 1, 2014.

RCM understands that a successful transition will require a well-trained team and a deep understanding of your specific needs, which RCM will gain through a hand on approach which emphasizes listening and a clear understanding of your current team and goals with regard to the upcoming changes.

Despite each coder having the knowledge of ICD-9 most coders will need several hours of ICD-10-CM/PCS training to learn the new code set. This training takes your staff away from their daily duties.

RCM offers highly trained and experienced coders who can efficiently work with your team to supplement your performance bandwidth to keep your patient data updated and revenue flowing.After the transition to ICD-10-CM/PCS occurs, RCM can provide coding staff that are fully trained on the new code set. Our highly trained coders and staffing plan offer you a cost effective solution that maximizes the efficiency and productivity of your team as they adjust to the changes and cover staffing requirement fluctuations.


RCM provides coding provides Auditing and data compliance quality review services to health care institutions across the nation. Our team of highly experienced HIM professionals, specialize in comprehensive audits to verify coding quality, accuracy and compliance to the highest standards. Since correct coding and documentation is critical for reimbursement, each client benefits from these services by validating the quality of coding functions. Often these audits and reviews lead our team to recommend comprehensive plans for Identifying opportunities for improved physician documentation.

Each solution is tailored to the specific client to meet their individual needs and expectations. At the conclusion of the project, the RCM provides:

  • A written report of the findings and recommendations including a summary report, audit spreadsheets
  • Trending and analysis of coding errors identified
  • Trending and analysis by coder/provider
  • In-depth discussion of improvement plans


With over 30 years of successful recruitment experience RCM understands the importance of finding the right key management. Without the right Director, Manager or Coding Supervisor quality and productivity often suffers. RCM provides interim HIM managers with proven skills and experience when:

  • A leadership vacancy occurs
  • A long candidate search is in progress (or anticipated)
  • Unexpected change in management
  • Department re-organization
  • Extended leave for a key manager/department head


RCM Health Information Services understands that our client’s success depends on the ability to recruit, hire and retain the very best talent. Hiring the right person is vital to the success and growth of every institution.Our executive search team utilizes a national search process to produce the type of candidate that not only has the skill set and the experience that fits our client’s skill requirements, but also fits well within the organizations culture.

RCM has been involved in staffing and executive search and placement since 1972. RCM utilizes a multi-tiered recruitment approach to find the right candidate. Our extremely experienced recruitment team takes time to understand our client’s needs, position responsibilities and the culture of the organization. This comprehensive process ensures that the right professionals are presented to fill the position.

Our Health Information Management recruiting search expertise includes, but is not limited to, the following HIM roles:

  • Director of Health Information Management (HIM)
  • Medical Records / HIM Manager and Supervisor
  • Director, Manager, Supervisor of Coding
  • HIM Operations Manager and Supervisor
  • Medical Coder
  • Medical Auditor
  • CDI Liaison / Specialist
  • EMR/EHR Project Manager / Analyst
  • ICD-10 Project Manager / Analyst

Clinical Documentation Improvement

Clinical documentation improvement and the crucial need to correctly code the clinical data has never been more important right now. Effective clinical documentation improvement strategies and solutions are a huge priority for healthcare facilities nationwide. RCM helps our clients implement a successful CDI program. Our comprehensive support and training of our client’s medical staff plays a major role in minimizing incomplete documentation, increasing medical record quality, and enhancing patient care communications.

As ICD-10 conversion fast approaches, the improvement of an organization's cash flow, revenue generation and work processes greatly depends of the staff’s ability to learn and implement new reimbursement documentation requirements and guidelines. RCM is committed to Coding and Revenue solutions and can deliver the necessary personnel, solutions, and expertise to assure continuous clinical documentation improvement for any organization.

RCM provides clinical documentation improvement services in a variety of settings, from physician clinics to acute care hospital settings. Our ability to initiate concurrent reviews, as well as retrospective reviews of health records drastically improves the accuracy of documentation based on conflicting, incomplete, or nonspecific provider documentation.

RCM’s CDI program offers a comprehensive assessment to uncover clinical documentation improvement scenarios. In addition, RCM can help organizations across the country assess the effectiveness of their current clinical documentation improvement program, as well as assess the development needs required for creating a formal plan of action. Our extensive knowledge base, resources and innovative flexibility lets RCM conduct clinical documentation services both on-site and remotely as we cater each client’s individual needs.

Revenue Cycle Management

  • Coding medical documentation lies at the heart of the revenue cycle. In today’s complex
  • Health Care environment, efficiency, accuracy and timeliness are crucial to maximize
  • Revenue and deliver the best bottom line. In order to meet our client’s needs as they face
  • Changing demands to the regulations for coding, billing and documentation standards, RCM
  • Has developed healthcare revenue cycle solutions that can be applied to every aspect of the
  • Revenue cycle. This includes but is not limited to, management, staff, processes and technology.
  • It is these solutions that make RCM the right choice to help our clients achieve improved cash
  • Flow, meet compliance requirements and gain sustainable revenue growth.