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Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI)

Clinical documentation improvement and the crucial need to correctly code the clinical data has never been more important than right now. Effective clinical documentation improvement strategies and solutions are a huge priority for healthcare facilities nationwide. RCM helps our clients implement a successful CDI program. Our comprehensive support and training of our client’s medical staff plays a major role in minimizing incomplete documentation, increasing medical record quality, and enhancing patient care communications.

As ICD-10 conversion fast approaches, the improvement of an organization's cash flow, revenue generation and work processes greatly depends of the staff’s ability to learn and implement new reimbursement documentation requirements and guidelines.

RCM is committed to Coding and Revenue Solutions and can deliver the necessary personnel, solutions, and expertise to assure continuous clinical documentation improvement for any organization.

RCM provides clinical documentation improvement services in a variety of settings, from physician clinics to acute care hospital settings. Our ability to initiate concurrent reviews, as well as retrospective reviews of health records drastically improves the accuracy of documentation based on conflicting, incomplete, or nonspecific provider documentation.

RCM’s CDI program offers a comprehensive assessment to uncover clinical documentation improvement scenarios. In addition, RCM can help organizations across the country assess the effectiveness of their current clinical documentation improvement program, as well as assess the development needs required for creating a formal plan of action. Our extensive knowledge base, resources and innovative flexibility lets RCM conduct clinical documentation services both on-site and remotely as we cater each client’s individual needs.